Ianthe Santorini Apartments & Studios Exterior View
Ianthe Santorini Villa Holidays Exterior View & Jacuzzi

Get benefit from the magnificent views and tranquility from Ianthe apartments & villa for your holiday stay in Oia Santorini

Santorini Accommodation in Santorini Apartments Studios & Santorini Villa Holidays

Ianthe Santorini Apartments & StudiosIanthe Apartments & Villa is the ideal choice for your Santorini Accommodation during your wonderful stay in Santorini, due to its unique location, its views and outstanding amenities.

It is located in the picturesque settlement of Oia in enchanting Santorini at a convenient spot providing you direct access to the most important sites of the island while offering you the peacefulness and privacy you desire during your holiday stay in Oia Santorini.

Ianthe Apartments & Villa offers you fully remodeled apartments & studios and a brand new luxury villa, whether it’s for a romantic escape, a family vacation or a group of your beloved friends who would like a unique experience in the one-of-a-kind island of Santorini.

Ianthe Apartments & Studios

The Ianthe apartment complex consists of one-room studios and two-room apartments, with an elegant and sophisticated décor and all the comforts you desire during your holiday stay in Oia Santorini. These Santorini apartments & studios boast comfortable spaces accommodating 2 to 4 people.

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Ianthe Villa

Privacy, views overlooking the Caldera & moments of relaxation in the outdoor Jacuzzi are only a few of what Ianthe Villa has to offer. It is ideal for couples who are seeking romantic moments, but also for families, accommodating as many as 3 adults or 2 adults & 1 child.

Select Ianthe Villa for your Santorini Villa Holidays or any one of the Apartments, and enjoy your relaxing getaway in Oia Santorini.

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Location: Views & Serenity

Images, feelings and experiences take on another dimension here in Oia Santorini. Words cannot describe what you will see, feel and experience. The Caldera, the sunsets, the deep endless blue hues of the Aegean Sea, the untamed beauty of Santorini, the unique colors of Oia and naturally the combination of blue and white will forever remain in your heart and mind.

Here, in picturesque Oia, with great care and love, we have created the Ianthe Apartments & Villa. The magnificent views and tranquility are the main advantages for your holiday stay in the apartments & villa.

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